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Our Story

In, 1984 Creature Comforts Supply Company began as a builder of massage equipment for local customers. Our very first table was used in a busy fitness studio every day for over twenty years.  We retired that table in 2010 and replaced it with a table featuring our new patented ergonomic table top. The original portable table now lives in our massage table hall of fame. Since then we have continued to innovate and design products that benefit both therapists and clients. We introduced the Nirvana Mate, a body positioning system designed for therapists who wanted the ergonomic positioning benefits of our design but already had a table. The Nirvana Mate offers the added benefit of support under the pelvis preventing tension in the low back during prone massage.   This innovative design quickly made Nirvana the ultimate choice for serious therapists and their clients. The contoured design of Nirvana Massage Tables and the Nirvana Mate alleviate pressure on the breast / chest and allow the spine to relax into a more neutral position. Your work as a massage therapist is less strenuous when your client’s back is more relaxed making palpation, pressure and stretching easier on you. We now offer the patented Nirvana table top design on a student table and our line of electric massage and spa tables. We continue incorporate ergonomics and positioning in all of our designs. See below for the evolution of our patented table top design.